High-Speed Underwater Photography


All photos courtesy and copyright of © David Neff

Like humans, commonplace cultural objects can seem strange when viewed out of their familiar environment – or in some cases appear all the more natural. Here refreshment bubbles around a can of the world’s most recognisable soda. If you’re suddenly thirsty and find yourself reaching for the fridge or popping out to your local store, maybe it says something about the power of an image to pique your interest and prompt you to act on what you’ve been persuaded you want.


High speed photography is able to suspend the moment like no other. The rapid physical trajectory of an object, dropped into and fizzing through crystal clear water, is frozen in motion. Physics meets aesthetics. The force of gravity refuses to be countered by the force of buoyancy bestowed on any object immersed in water, appearing to make it less heavy. The overall density of the can or bottle exceeds that of the water, and the object sinks. While everyone feels thirsty.


Images like these may lead some to reflect on the tidal wave of hyper-commercialism that is upon us, submerging us in its effervescent waters. Yet while the way the bubbles stream across the lettering of these drinks might remind one of the more subtle product placements in today’s movies, these pictures are not ads. And while perhaps trying to turn a blind eye to the product in the spotlight, there’s no denying photographer David Neff’s ability to capture fast phenomena.


With special thanks to David Neff for granting us permission to use his shots. You can see more of his work here.

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