Cool Computer Case Mods

Outfit your humble PC for world domination

Extreme computer "case modding" community has some truly talented designers, who are as passionate about their PC cases, as MI6 wizards were about James Bond killer gadgets. In some cases (pun intended), the end product has truly radical looks and some wicked innards ready to unleash a gamer's fury upon the world...

Here is an update of what's going on in Ukraine, for example:
DPK modding community 2007 competition entries:

"Virgil" by Valery Zhuk

"Age Reincarnation", by Alexander Kolesnikov

'Mirtus Communicus" by Artem Novikov

"R2D14m" by Pavel Rafalovich

"Recycle Your Computer" by Alexey Chistov

"Me Lady" by Artem Zheleznyak

"Wheel Case" by Alexander Kolesnikov

mod by Alexander Brikov

"Charged!" by Alexey Chistov

mod by Vogdan Suk
(images credit:

On the other side of the ocean, American case-modders are going nuts, too:

Weapons of Mass Destruction can now be a feature of any office, if you so desire.
The whole project is documented here


via Gadgets Fosfor. They have another interesting weird mod list.

Probably the best case modding company

Best Case Scenario certainly rocks.
Here is the "Matrix Regenerator"
(there is something living inside of it...possibly)

They also have very cool Alien case mod

Fusion Mods has a nice thread devoted to this art:

Tumbler Batmobile PC:

Everybody has seen "The Microwave PC":

(image credit: Engadget)

Neatorama has compiled the ultimate case mod catalog, featuring plenty of "household appliances" PC mods, for example. Some of my favorites:

"The Skeleton Case Mod":

(image credit:

best case is no case:

(image credit:

and Stained Glass computer case:

(image credit: BoredStop)

Pick up a pre-modded computer case.


Check out some photos from the recent Computer Case Mod Show:
(images courtesy

(images credit: Shutki mozga)

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