Wooden Laptop Design - a new fad from Japan

A steampunk dream come true

Those fabulous Japanese have raised the bar for the laptop technology... again. Not only is this model made out of wood (plus a bunch of original 1930's typewriter parts), but guess what - it actually works, and has all the hi-tech features that you'd expect from a respectable laptop.

Couple of USB ports, Ethernet, wireless, DVD drive, etc. Who cares that you can not see the wiring? You can also smell the wood! What's more, this electronic marvel is being produced by the ornamental iron works company (see other "heavy metal" examples here)

(images credit: IronWork)

On the original site of this Japanese "iron works" company, we also catch a glimpse of another (bigger) desktop computer (and the whole steampunk office decor surrounding it, complete with an office chair!):

(images credit: IronWork)

Continuing in this steampunk'd computer note (on a tip from one of the comments below), here is The ElectriClerk, made in America - a retro-futuristic case mod, inspired by Terry Gilliam' Brazil and Lovecraft's Cthulhu props -

(image credit: Ahleman)

Its fully functional, albeit with pretty ancient 1988 Mac SE inside.

BTW, all this futuristic/retro stuff works in unexpected ways sometimes:

(image credit: Pandamonium)


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